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Gen 11:1-9 The Tower Of Babel

In his pride and arrogance, man decides that he can reach the heavens. Did they imagine they could reach God and somehow overthrow Him? God sees their futile attempts and rather than allow them to be carried away with their own pride and achievement, He brings humility by confusing their language.

The Curse of Ham Gen 9:18-27

Some have used the curse of Ham for generations to justify their belief that black people are inferior. Slave owners would actually teach this erroneous and heretical belief to slaves to bring them to the understanding that they should submit to their masters as superior. It is worth the time to properly understand what God intended for us to know from this passage so this damaging teaching can end with our generation.

God’s Covenant Promise with Noah

God’s Covenants with man provide the framework for how He is working through redemptive history. You can view the Bible through the lens of His covenants and fill in all of human history in response to those covenants. First with Adam and now God comes to the table again with Noah.

God’s Blueprint for Man (Genesis 6) Noah And The Flood

This week as we continue walking through the Bible, we look at what God was doing through the life of Noah. Why did God curse the ground with Adam and then again with Cain even worse only to lift the curse with Noah?

God’s Blueprint For Man (Genesis 4) Cain and Able

In this weeks sermon, we find Cain and Able making their choices about sin and righteousness. God warns Cain like he warns all of us, “sin is crouching at your door. It desires to have you, but you must master it”